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What is a Death Doula?

What is a Death Doula? What is their function? Why would anyone ever need a Death Doula?

These are all commonly asked questions. And, if curious enough, people will ask. Unfortunately,

the role of a Death Doula is quite often misunderstood and/or we don’t understand the depth of

value in having a Death Doula support and guide us-not only near time of death but much, much

before our expiry dates.

Death Doulas vary in the work that they do. We are not medical personnel but we can be part of

a supportive health team. Quite often we ‘fill the gap’ between medicine and family support.

Some of us work on more of the practical work with our clients (paperwork, advanced care

planning, life decisions, MAiD, general organization), some of us are more involved with

ceremony, legacy work, living funerals, while others assist with vigiling and home care.

Each Doula’s work is different. And, as a Doula, I can tell you that we have a great network of

community. If one of us cannot assist a family or individual in a certain way, chances are, we

are in touch with others that can.

The first step is getting curious. Reach out and ask questions.

Believe it or not there are Doula Directories and/or organizations that have contact information. Death Doula Network International is one of these great resources. You can find them here:

What is it you want to know or might need support with? Just ask. Talking about death isn’t going to make it happen. Truth is, if you are alive and reading this article right now, some day you will die....and that well know, often hard to accept, fact is worth repeating...Talking about death isn’t going to make it happen.

Working with a Death Doula adds great value to your life-not only in feeling prepared or

organized but in connecting deeper with yourself and those around you.

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