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Grief is so many emotions

Breathe…just breathe. This moment will pass. And then the next one will arrive. It might be

easier. Likely, it will be full of emotion - perhaps emptiness, betrayal, shock, acceptance,

courage, love-grief is so many emotions.

It’s ok to be happy and sad at the same time-one does not cancel out the other. Laughter and

tears can be simultaneous. Sadness and loss do not have to equal guilt.

Grief can be so hard to talk about. We often don’t want opinion or words of condolence - although

well meant, these can often fall flat…what we really want is someone to listen. Someone to sit

with us - to just be. That’s the hard part too. Sitting in the uncomfortable, in the silence, with the

tears and, hopefully, some laughter. Someone to just acknowledge where we are at - wherever

and however the feelings come without giving us some invisible timeline or justifying if it’s

ok…or not.

Reliving moments passed - memories that warm our hearts and, if we are lucky, have touched

our souls. Wanting to share our person with anyone and everyone who will listen. Saying their

name out loud because, no…it doesn’t hurt us…in fact it hurts us to not speak their name - they

existed! Sharing the stories, the gifts, the LIFE we were so honoured to share and be a part of.

May I ask…who is in your thoughts right now? Who is it that has sparked a fond memory or,

dare I say, a wish to connect? Because, perhaps, just perhaps…there is someone that has

fallen out of favour as of late but they bring a smile to your lips and a warmth to your heart.

Maybe reaching out to them is difficult. So…I challenge you - reach out to that person…your

person - call, write, text…use a wind phone if that works best but tell that person, YOUR person,

why they are in your thoughts right now and why your heart…and maybe your eyes too, are

swelling with emotion.

It matters.

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🦫 We love you and miss you so very much!

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