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About Me

Here's a little about my journey...

My journey into life coaching and end of life work found me at quite a young age. experience...many, many conversations with family, friends and colleagues...I was 'that' person. I always called myself 'the bartender' at work because no matter what job I ever had, I was always the one everyone came and talked to...about everything and anything.

I've always been a good listener and been a firm believer in personal growth and shared knowledge - especially learning from others, no matter what the circumstance. And, quite often, as both my daughter and mom have commented, I exhibit more patience than anyone they know.


I was always very close to my maternal grandparents - in fact, they called me their fourth child. Growing up, I spent a lot of time with them and they taught me many things - love & respect for nature, what true healthy eating meant, practical skills - like skiing, swimming, etc... and, lessons...

especially the value of time and how important it is to share and give - it is, after all, the most important currency there is.

I was a support and guide for both of my grandparents at the end of their lives. It is just something that came naturally to me. In fact, many years before my grandma (or nanny as I preferred to call her) passed, she told me she thought I had missed my calling. Turns out I didn't miss it.

Somehow I had slid into this work without knowing what to call it.

Because of these relationships I have always felt very deeply about giving back to my community. I’ve worked with senior outreach organizations, retirement homes as well as shared my knowledge and compassion with my life coaching world.

Education, sharing knowledge and resources, offering my time and support has always been high on my list of importance - values inherited from my grandparents? Perhaps.

I am an End of Life Doula with experience in both practical tasks and emotional guidance.

I am also a Certified Holistic Life/Health Coach with a specialization in Grief/Energy Coaching/Counselling as well as the Psychology of Emotional Eating.

I have facilitated group sessions and I have worked individually with clients all over the world.

I am a trained and certified Willow End of Life Educator™, I have training in Traumatic Group Support Facilitation, and I am a Certified Life Celebrant as well.

I realized, during the course of my trainings, that it is not only the senior population I would like to support, guide, and help educate, but a younger population as well.

I believe the more (and sooner) we can connect, explore and start a conversation, both with ourselves and others, it enables us to have a better connection with our life, our journey and, most importantly, ourself…regardless of where you are currently at.

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