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I found Erin's style to be very relaxed with patience and prompting. The sessions were somewhat self guided with very subtle interjections sometimes to keep me on track and other times to help me reflect on what I just said. It was nice when she would paraphrase what I had just said, it made me hear my words more clearly. I definitely felt much lighter in thought, yet it made me reflect on my goals and actions. 

Thank you Erin

Leah F.
BC, Canada

Erin is a fantastic coach who is always willing to meet me where I am.  I feel very comfortable going deep and sharing my true emotions with her.   She creates a space where I feel safe and supported.  Erin has a sixth sense about things that may be going on under the surface for me and facilitates my ability to acknowledge them and move forward empowered.  I love Erin and would highly recommend that you have a discovery session with her.   She has truly transformed my world and helped me to find my vulnerable authentic self.

Fallon Casalino, Self-Acceptance Coach
Utah, USA

Being coached by Erin allowed me to embrace myself on a different level. I was able to pause and really look inwards. She created a very safe space, where I felt comfortable uncovering some deep truths about myself - past and present. Identifying these patterns was a powerful breakthrough, as I realized I was the one holding myself back. Thank you so much for holding this space for me and allowing me to process things at my own pace without feeling rushed or pressured. Forever grateful!

Fariha I.
Texas, USA

When we started I was unsure of where I was heading, I felt lost. I gained clarity and tools to make choices much easier. 
I came into this nervous, not knowing what I was going to get help with. Knowing I needed guidance but not knowing where to start. 
I was instantly put at ease and allowed the space to just talk and somehow magically you pulled all of the right things out of me and helped me get a direct plan for my goals. Helping me remove the blocks of overthinking, discrediting the positive, gain clearer focus on how to break down goals and achieve them in a timely manner. Get rid of self defeating thoughts and celebrate my wins!

Katie S.
Alberta, Canada

Not only have you helped me grow but you helped me realize that I am more capable and supported than I had believed. 
You very quickly set me at ease and allowed me to be vulnerable because of the safe non-judgmental space you created.
Coaching with you feels easy, calming, and safe.
I had so much confidence for things outside of myself, my skills, work, creativity, etc. Coaching with you helped me to grow that same confidence for my inner self, my emotions, thoughts, dreams, hopes, desires and boundaries. Thank you so much for all of your help.

Cheryl L.
BC, Canada

Thank you for creating the safe space where I was comfortable enough to be vulnerable, and challenging me with stirring questions that helped me to think beyond and connect in a unique way (just right enough where I stretch and yet don’t break). If I were to put my experience into 3 adjectives, they would be safe, authentic and intensely reflective.
You have a beautiful composed energy, which helped me instantly relax and come into who I am, rather than who I am trying to be. This all added up to being instrumental in helping me make the connections within and thus the changes (goals). Some of my limiting beliefs were identified and put to rest thanks to this beautiful journey with you. I looked forward to each session waiting eagerly as to what you would help me unleash within. It was a beautiful learning curve and was a pleasure being coached by you.

Rashmi S.

The space for me was very helpful and beneficial in terms of helping me to feel comfortable in expressing myself without feeling judged or reacted to. It helped me to evolve in certain areas to grow and benefit from negative experiences in the past and see how I've actually benefited from them, to move beyond hurt and realize what I needed to let go of.
The best three adjectives to describe coaching with you would be, supportive, warm, and very compassionate.
I feel that being coached by you has been so supportive and beneficial beyond words.

Kristin M.
New York, USA

Your coaching approach is one of asking great open ended question allowing me to explore deep within, having scratch the surface for to many years I knew I was ready to dig deeper but you allowed me my time and space to explore and reflect allowing me to move at my own pace that felt comfortable for me, setting me a focus and task for the week keeping me accountable but never no pressure I always felt comfortable and confident with you and just love your style of coaching.
My growth has been unbelievable...

Lorraine C.
United Kingdom

One of the deepest, most genuine and compassionate souls I’ve ever had the pleasure to get to know, I first crossed paths with Erin at JSCS. As a coach, Erin is extremely thorough.

Deeply tapped into what lights her up the most, she has a unique gift. One in which she will not only hold you and see your light in your darkest hour, but also empower you to step forward and run with that torch, no matter how long the tunnel is that you are in.

A well-crafted competence beaming with consistency and creativity, being able to experience Erin’s brilliance has truly shifted the trajectory of my life.

For that, I am forever grateful.

Matty Adams, Artist Empowerment Coach

United Kingdom

Erin is a caring, compassionate and supportive coach. She is always present and holds a safe space with no judgment. My dad's illness and passing were very challenging for me and something I hadn't experienced before. Erin was there for me every step of the way. She never hesitated to accommodate my needs, even on short notice. Her energy, love, and compassion are what helped ease the pain. She supported and guided me through my thoughts and emotions. It's not easy for me to trust and be vulnerable. She made me feel comfortable shedding tears and releasing my bottled-up feelings. I'm not sure how I would have handled things without her support. I am happy our paths crossed, and I had the chance to experience her coaching. I feel most gratitude and appreciation for her.

Roula S., Roula's Relationship Coaching, LLC

Illinois, USA

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