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Start with this one question…

It’s important to let others in your life know what is important to you.

Sometimes it can feel really difficult to have these conversations, to express our hopes as well as our fears or, in some cases, to even ask questions. It’s necessary to have these conversations with others, but it’s essential to have these conversations with ourselves so we can gain clarity about what it is we truly desire.

What lights you up? What brings a smile to your face? What do you truly value in life?

Realizing and connecting with our values is very powerful. Gaining insight into ourselves helps strengthen our own character and it also offers a secure foundation for others to respect our choices, both now and in the future.

Sometimes exploring our beliefs and values can bring up some scary things too. It can make us realize what we really don’t want or, perhaps, what we fear most.

So, start with this question: What are the three values that are most important to me and why?

Reflect on this. Write about it if that helps. Refine this list so you can clearly articulate what matters to you. It might take awhile and the list may change over time-most people’s do.

And, finally, I challenge you to share your values, and potentially some of your fears, with someone close to you. Who knows where the conversation may go from there.

Communicate and share this valuable information with yourself and others now so it helps you to live a fuller, richer life while you are still living.

No matter what your age or stage in life, this exercise is beneficial. Get curious about yourself. Have a heart-to-heart with others. Get in touch with what matters.

Check out my monthly workshops and/or Doula Chat (free online gathering) for topics like this and other end of life conversations.

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