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Self-judgment - it’s something we all do

Self-judgment-it’s something we all do. We fear. We worry. We judge ourselves before anyone else can. Regardless of the motive, self-judgment usually stops us before we even start. It makes us question ourselves. It makes us compare. It makes us wonder whose way is the best or right way. Sometimes we question our morals or values. All of this stops us in our tracks. We freeze instead of ‘do’.

So what happens when ‘that day’ comes? What happens when we have gotten so lost in the judgment or comparison that we realize we haven’t actually lived our lives the way WE wanted to. We never did ‘that’ thing…that thing that spoke to our heart but we were so scared-we compared, worried about being judged, put so many (we now realize) non-important things first…we never truly did what we actually wanted or said how we felt because we lived by other peoples or societal rules.

Don’t get me wrong, rules, depending on what they are, truly ARE important-you know…the right vs wrong, good vs bad sort of stuff…but when it comes to choices about our own lives, we need to live according to our values, according to what feels right or aligns for us…not because of someone’s opinion (which, by the way, was likely given to you without you asking).

So, what if? What if we actually did what felt right? What if we said what we wanted to say in the moment instead of second-guessing whether it was appropriate? What IF we actually said how we feel when we feel it NOW…instead of waiting. Waiting until…when? Death?

Speak it. Say it. Live true to your values NOW because now is the only certainty.

And hey, by the way, I hold workshops on this sort of stuff so contact me to learn more.

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