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Postponing the inevitable isn't going to stop it from happening

Death emphasizes our vulnerability. Feeling vulnerable often makes us feel unsafe or exposed. Our natural instinct is to want to guard ourselves-against both thoughts and potential feelings that might come up, especially with this ‘taboo’ subject.

Death, IF we have thought about it, is a tough topic for a lot, if not most, people. I think it would be safe to say that ‘fear’ or even ‘denial’ are the first words that come to mind when we think of our eventual death. Tackling this difficult subject, as challenging as it might be, could allow you to have a different perspective.

The more we think, talk and plan about our eventual deaths, perhaps we can ease out words like ‘fear’ and replace them with descriptives like ‘comfort’ or ‘peace of mind’ instead.

Death is not only feasible and possible, it is the end result for every single life journey. Let’s get this straight from the beginning…we are never going to have all the answers. No one knows how much time they have left or how we are going to die-these answers will almost always elude us.

BUT, we can gain clarity and find solace in acknowledging that our death WILL happen some day. Thinking about the choices we have and can make while we are able to do so will help us align with ourselves better and, hopefully, assist us in starting those difficult conversations with those we care about most.

Postponing the inevitable isn’t going to stop it from happening. Gaining clarity and partaking in planning for this event (that none of us can opt out of by the way) is a gift, both to yourself and to others.

Death definitely has sadness attached to it due to the loss we feel, but it is also a space that holds memories, smiles and celebration. I invite you to change your perspective when thinking about your eventual death. Remove the negative and insert the value instead. It’s an opportunity to not only get to know yourself better and realize what you want, it’s a chance to understand, have conversations and become closer and connected to others as well.

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