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Legacy - what do you want to share? It's not just about money...

Legacy can mean so many things. Most people only think of legacy in financial terms, which is understandable, especially if you use google to help define the word. (Go ahead, look it up)

I invite you to think about legacy in a broader sense, not just in regards to money or property. Leaving a legacy does not equate to being rich or famous or being a land baron, owing acres upon acres of land. Legacy is really anything that you would like future generations to know, whether directly about you or your heritage.

A great deal of people bypass legacy planning, believing they either have nothing of value to offer, aren’t important enough or, quite often, don’t want ‘a fuss’ made over them.

The fact of the matter is that each and every person has a story, each life has value and the importance of leaving a legacy, well, typically can be vastly underrated.

Think about someone in your life who has died. Perhaps you have a photo, maybe some jewelry, a cookbook or maybe even a hand-written letter. Mementos really - things we cherish that help bring memories of those we care about alive again…if only for a short while.

Have you ever thought about what it might be like to be able to hear or see your person again, possibly in a short video? Maybe this is something you could do for your family - a life interview of sorts - sharing your life stories and knowledge.

Maybe you're more of a crafty person and would like to, with the help of others, create a legacy scroll or use family handprints in an art project or photos to create a special story book.

It could be that you want others to know how important they are to you, how they have influenced your life and so, writing individual love letters might be an option.

In defining what legacy means to you, I encourage you to go beyond the material aspect. What is important for you to share? What is crucial for others to hear? How do you want others to celebrate your memory?

Your legacy planning has a great significance, purpose and is worthwhile.

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