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Calling out the bull$@*!

It’s ok to call people out on their bull$@*!. It can be hard to do and, most times, the people you are calling out don’t like it. Usually this results in some denial, disagreement or a full blown argument…which typically ends up NOT being about the initial source of conflicting information.

Now, when I say ‘call people out’, what I mean is that if there is an inconsistency of information, point it out, repeat it back, get curious, ask questions. You are trying to find clarity of information, not call someone a liar.

Most times, when there is a ‘waffling’ of facts, it is because the source, or person, isn’t clear on their choice or values. That’s ok. None of us have all the answers nor do many people, unfortunately, know themselves that well. By getting curious, with ourselves and with others, is where richer communication happens-with self…and others.

It puts us in tune with our innermost self and helps us to reflect on what it is we truly do want and desire. Maybe what once served us well, a story we told ourselves or a defense mechanism that springs forth practically on its own because it’s ‘just what we do’ can be called into question and we realize what was once important or useful to us, in this present moment, is no longer. It’s hard to question ourselves because that, too, raises conflict.

This is also known as growth or evolution. You aren’t the same person you were yesterday, let alone last year. So don’t get caught up in ‘autopilot’ information or excuses either. Get curious. Ask questions. Don’t call someone a liar, but definitely, especially if that inner radar is going off (also known as gut instinct) call someone out on their bull$@*!-yourself included.

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