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Remembering and Being Remembered - Willow Workshop™




2 hours

About the Course

In Remembering and Being Remembered we’ll look at the who, what, how and why of remembering. Why do you remember people who have died? How do you remember them and how are you impacted by either remembering or not remembering? This workshop will also remind us that we each have an impact on the lives of others.

In this workshop you will:

  • Dig into the heart of why you remember those who have died.

  • Explore what it is about being remembered that matters to you.

  • Consider the impact your deceased have had on you and that you may have on others when you die.

  • Be called to action to honour the memory of your deceased in ways that work for you.

Your Instructor



Hi! I'm Erin. I am a Certified Willow EOL Educator™, Life Coach, End of Life Doula & Life Celebrant. I have also been trained in Traumatic Loss Group Facilitation. My passion is offering education and support in making the uncomfortable more comfortable.

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