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Doula Chat - monthly (last Saturday)




1 hour

About the Course

What is Doula Chat? It is a place to be curious, be supported and to share if you choose.

It is a safe, non-judgmental space to talk and ask questions about death and other end of life topics. These subjects can be difficult to talk about. Some don't know how to start conversations or when you try, you are shut down or a lot of emotions can surface.

Doula Chat is a monthly online meeting space to share experiences, find support, talk and/or ask questions if you feel like speaking up. Some meetings might have themes, such as 'green burial' and most times, conversation is casual and varied. It all really depends on who shows up and what is on our minds that day.

Doula Chat DOES NOT take the place of therapy. Please remember, although your experience may be similar to another participant, it is, in fact, different - for many reasons. This is NOT a place to give advice, unless specifically asked to do so.

Your Instructor



Hi! I'm Erin. I am a Certified Willow EOL Educator™, Life Coach, End of Life Doula & Life Celebrant. I have also been trained in Traumatic Loss Group Facilitation. My passion is offering education and support in making the uncomfortable more comfortable.

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